“By delivering relevant content to our audiences and ensuring a positive user experience, RevContent is generating valuable incremental revenue for Nexstar Inc.”
Lori Tavourlaris
CRO/EVP, Revenue Operations
Nexstar Digital


Nexstar Digital is a leading digital media company, comprised of a portfolio of trusted news, lifestyle & entertainment, and commerce brands deeply rooted in building valuable connections between advertisers and customers.


Nexstar Digital’s partnership with RevContent led to ads taking up less page real estate, increasing monetization, and user experience.

Why RevContent

“Ad quality is always a concern for premium publishers. Our partnership with RevContent takes up the least amount of real estate, has the best monetization and the best user experience. Site speed is really important to us. A faster ad-load speed helps publishers’ pages load faster, creating more opportunities to monetize,” said Lori Tavoularis, SVP at Nexstar Digital.

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