Revcontent Continues to Dominate Local News with Exclusive Partnership with Boone Newspapers

Local News

As a standout local publishing organization, Boone Newspapers joins other local journalism companies like Nexstar Digital, Lee Enterprises, and Patch to sign exclusively with Revcontent. 

A smart phone displaying Revcontent's ad widget, with the image on the left and headline on the right.
Examples of ads that can be blocked. Image includes 6 blocked ads with images and headlines relating to guns, conspiracy theories, beauty, and medicine. Also includes an example of blocked keywords such as "Election" "Disgusting" "Diet" and "Scandal"

Stringent Brand Safety Standards

Prior to partnering with Revcontent, Boone Newspapers sought a new content recommendation partner to drive higher revenue while maintaining its stringent editorial standards. After selecting Revcontent amongst a sea of other vendors, Boone Newspapers will increase revenue across all their digital properties while maintaining stringent brand safety standards. 

Lightweight Technology and Faster Page Loads

As page speed and user experience grow increasingly important ing arnering organic traffic, Boone Newspapers wanted to ensure no content recommendation widget would slow down their page speed. Revcontent’s lightweight widgets are 60%~ lighter than competitors.

“Revcontent has exceeded our revenue expectations while keeping with the high-quality standards and journalism reporting we hold close at Boone.”