Tommy Chong CBD Hits 533% Profitability on Revcontent Scaled Ad Spend

Most Profitable Traffic Source

“Revcontent was the first native platform we tested with – we’ve had such amazing results with the high quality, profitable traffic we have continually increased our daily spend week over week, while maintaining a very healthy profit margin,” said Steve Gunn, Chief Marketing Officer at Tommy Chong’s CBD.

Positive, Powerful Scale on Revcontent

Their team allowed the Revcontent algorithm to do its work and introduce more traffic throughout the phases of testing. Now, with scaled profitable spend on ideal placements, Tommy Chong’s CBD is experimenting with ad types like video ads and thinking out-of-the-box with their creative assets.

Gunn explained, “We know that the traffic on Revcontent is high quality and converts well, so we’re really able to experiment with different ad units and angles to find the best way to introduce consumers to Tommy’s story.”

Third-Party Optimizations

As Tommy Chong’s CBD began scaling on Revcontent, the use of third-party optimizer, Brax, was critical to managing thousands of dollars a day in spend. In fact, TCC was able to hit profitability almost immediately and easily maintain it at scale thanks to the management tools within Brax.

"Revcontent traffic is high quality and converts well, so we're able to experiment with different ad units and angles. We're seeing incredibly high conversion rates, which allows us to continue testing new placements and growing our ad spend with Revcontent."