7 Reasons to Test Out the New RevContent

We heard you.

There were features and improvements to the RevContent network that advertisers and publishers desperately needed.

After talking to some of the largest news and media companies on the web, we realized we needed to take a sober look at the RevContent platform and do better.

We put ourselves in our publishers’ shoes and started to explore how to do more (higher ECPMs, higher revenue, higher user engagement, more ad quality controls, etc.) with less (fewer widgets on the page, fewer ads in the widgets, fewer contract contingencies, etc.)

Long story short, we spent the previous 18 months in the lab focusing on a product that checks the necessary boxes to be more than viable for our best partners. 

Now in 2020, we’re able to offer leverages lightweight,  customizable technology to empower the web’s leading publishers and marketers to reach and exceed their revenue, engagement and growth goals…

– Maximize revenue without compromisng user experience

– Unique, first-party demand

– Contract flexibility for publishers

– Premium partnerships

– Superior, industry-leading technology

Bid By Widget

To give advertisers more granular control of their targeting, we added the ability to adjust CPC bids at the individual widget level through Bid By Widget.

If you notice a specific widget or set of widgets performs better than others, and you want additional inventory, you are now able to adjust the bid amount for those widgets individually, instead of across an entire topic, or brand. Additionally, if you have a widget or set of widgets that don’t perform as well, you can lower the CPC for those widgets to a price-point that keeps you ROI-positive.

Traffic Distribution & Pacing

With new Traffic Distribution & Pacing controls, advertisers’ budgets spend more consistently with a lower risk of blowing out a budget. With better distribution, advertisers can test out widgets across the network evenly and assess what performs best. Default distribution stays on until you adjust widget bid up or down.

Higher Revenue

Publishers monetize their traffic at 20%-50% higher margins than competitors.

RevContent generated a 21% revenue uplift for Salon in Q1 2020.

Justin Wohl, Chief Revenue Officer at Salon

RevContent outperformed other vendors by ~80% in a head-to-head split test.

– McClatchy

Segmentation of Adblock Traffic

You can now block or target all Adblock Traffic specifically for your campaigns. This segmentation helps optimize campaigns based on the specific goals you have set for your campaign.

Traffic Quality

We declared war on bad traffic. Low-quality publishers? Terminated. Bots? Disabled. Fraud? Booted.

What good is tons of traffic if it doesn’t convert to sales or audience? By introducing new publisher standards, rolling out new technology and implementing new third-party monitoring, we significantly improved the quality of the traffic throughout our network.

Account Level Blacklisting

We discontinued whitelists and transitioned all existing whitelists over to blacklists. All existing whitelists were automatically transformed to blacklists consisting of all active widget IDs NOT included in the original whitelist.

Fractional Bidding

To give you the ability to hit KPIs across all sources, we introduced fractional bidding in 2018. Fractional bidding allows advertisers to bid on traffic down to the tenth of a percent so they can bid on and get traffic from placements that they may have otherwise disabled.

Don’t just take our word for it; test us out with a new campaign to see for yourself.

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