3 Tools for Measuring Brand Awareness

What is brand awareness?

Brand awareness refers to how familiar people are with your brand. For example, most people don’t think twice about purchasing a Coca-Cola product compared to a lesser-known competitor, because it’s so well-recognized. Consumers are faced with so many purchase decisions these days, and brand awareness is a key factor in driving those decisions.

Tools for Measuring Brand Awareness

Your brand awareness goals should always be measurable, whether that is increasing website traffic, social shares or mentions of your brand in the media. Without setting up measurable brand awareness goals, you have no way of evaluating if your goals are actually working and how you can improve. Luckily, there are many tools available that can help.

Website traffic:

Google Analytics is a great tool that helps measure your site activity. This provides data such as website visitor demographics, where your traffic is coming from and how engaged users are. For example, if you launch a big brand announcement and you see a spike in your website traffic, Google Analytics allows you to track where these site visitors are coming from and the source of this traffic. It also provides data on the specific pages that users are viewing on your site, bounce rates and transactions. This type of data allows you to really hone in on what types of campaigns work best for your target audience and what is keeping them on your site.

Brand Mentions:

Monitoring online mentions about your brand online is key because it provides honest, unfiltered feedback. Especially with social media, it is key to be apart of the conversation that users are having about your brand in real-time. Tools such as Google Alerts or Mention are great for monitoring what people are saying on social media, through media coverage and throughout the web. These tools allow you to set up a keyword or phrase to monitor. For example, you can monitor your brand name, one of your products or a trending keyword in your industry. You can even monitor your top competitors brands to get a competitive advantage.

Social Media Performance

Chances are, your performance on social media plays a big role in your brand awareness efforts. Tools such as Sprout Social are a great way to measure the performance of all of your brand’s social media accounts all in one place. Aside from the ability to manage all of your social media accounts in one platform, this tool also provides you with in-depth insights on your accounts. You can compare the performance of your social media accounts to your competitors, monitor your audience growth and track campaign engagement. Sprout Social also allows you to determine what types of content is trending, and what resonates best with your audience. This type of data is key to gaining a better understanding of your target audience and growing your brand presence on social media.

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