Here’s Why Landing Pages Are More Important Than Ever

As content marketing continues to remain a growing trend for brands and publishers, having an optimal landing page experience is more important than ever.  

More brands, publishers, and performance marketers are harnessing the power of content marketing through specialized landing pages to educate customers about their products. 

By delivering informative content through landing pages to target audiences, brands have the opportunity to shine a spotlight on their product, key features, and special promotions that help turn prospects into customers.    

From the readers perspective, a proper landing page can often be the catalyst that gets them to buy. The majority of advertisements today still direct users right to a shopping cart without giving the reader a chance to learn more about the product. 

A well-written landing page can quickly answer many of the questions potential customers have about a product, often increasing conversion rates up to 50% or more. 

Here are 5 reason you should be amplifying your brand with content rich landing pages: 

Speak Directly to Your Target Audience

Implementing the right landing page allows advertisers to tailor their marketing message to specific audiences. Brands like Dollar Shave Club have had success selling their razors to men and have also used female specific landing pages to attract new customers. 

Stand Out Amongst the Competition

New brands looking to make a name for themselves have had increased success through content marketing with landing pages. Content savvy brands are using landing pages to showcase things like celebrity endorsements, unique product features, and why their product is better or more cost effective than competitors.  

Highlight Special Promotions

Successful advertisers interested in ramping up their customer acquisition have utilized landing pages to highlight special promotions that increase conversions. Retargeting website visits with special promos using a landing page can push losing campaigns to profitable, scalable revenue streams. 

Content Is More Shareable

Brands who leverage content rich landing pages put themselves in a better position to engage with their prospective audience. Readers who find a brands content more useful and informative are more likely to share that content, increasing social proofing and brand awareness. 

Increase ROAS

Performance marketers have leveraged content marketing and landing pages for years to reduce bounce rates and improve conversion rates. Today more big brands are taking note and are participating in content marketing to sustain more profitable ad campaigns across native ad networks, social media platforms, and display networks.  

About was developed to increase speed to market by eliminating the technical hurdles associated with building and managing landing pages. 

After spending millions of dollars on advertising campaigns and testing different technologies available in the market, I was unable to find the perfect platform. We decided to build a landing page platform designed from a performance marketers’ viewpoint versus other platforms that were clearly designed by engineers.

Wizzi’s fully-hosted landing page solution syncs with any website, includes split-testing tools, a full tracking system, and the ultimate toolkit for marketers of any level to deploy custom landing pages auto-optimized for all device types. 

Written By Ryan Scibelli – Co-Founder –

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