Niche Case Study: How One Advertiser Scaled From $0 to $5-8K in Daily Spend

Niche Case Study: How One Advertiser Scaled From $0 to $5-8K in Daily Spend  

One advertiser launched on RevContent around May 2019. 

After struggling with a few issues that caused them to spend $0 a day…

  • Too much overspend
  • Not enough premium publishers
  • Not enough targeting control 

This same advertiser now spends between $5-$8K a day in profitable traffic. 

So what changed?

If you ran with RevContent in the past, you might have run into these exact same issues. 

To start, our Manager of Brand Solutions, Jon M., worked directly with this advertiser to communicate with our Tech Team products that could solve these problems. 

A few months later, we launched…

  • Pacing and Distribution – advertisers have even access to all publishers until customized within Bid by Widget and Pacing ensures budget is spent evenly over the course of the day, eliminating any chance of a runaway spend
  • Multiple Event Conversion Tracking – which removed the need for 2nd party analytics, making understanding RevContent data clearer and more insightful 
  • Proactively, our Publisher Team terminated over 25% of the network, keeping the best of the best and reducing lower quality publisher impressions 

Our platform is a direct result of listening to our advertisers and so much has changed in 2019. We proactively sacrificed impressions and revenue in an effort to create far more value for advertisers.

Our primary goal for advertisers is to create long-term, sustainable ROI.

This specific advertiser quickly utilized all these new products and features at their disposal, and have since diverted 90% of their native budget spend to RevContent.  

You can do this, too! 

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