3 Reasons to Invest in Native Advertising

Native advertising provides a large number of benefits for publishers and advertisers alike. Check out these three reasons why your business should invest in native advertising:

Increase Brand Awareness

One of the top priorities for online businesses is to increase brand awareness. Native advertising has the potential to boost brand awareness better than any other form of advertising. This is also an effective approach to increasing your website’s traffic. The advanced targeting capabilities allow you to granularly target relevant audiences who will keep coming back to your site. Native advertising also fits the function of the surrounding content on premium publisher websites, allowing you to reach users who are already in discovery mode. This provides the potential to gain new customers and reach new audiences.

A Non-Disruptive Solution to Ad Blockers 

Over a quarter of U.S. adults used ad blockers in 2018. As consumers have become fed up with disruptive advertising, providing a better overall experience is key. Users don’t want their experience to be interrupted, and they want fewer distractions. Many businesses rely on advertising for online revenue, so how do online businesses take back control over the situation? Those that put the user experience first through a personalized and value-driven approach will have the ability to thrive in the current online advertising landscape. Winning over consumers through a more personalized approach to advertising is key. With native advertising – consumers can see ads that are relevant to the content that they are already engaging with. Native advertising is about delivering relevant and engaging content to audiences, rather than disrupting their online experience. By eliminating intrusive advertising, native advertising provides a huge opportunity to engage and grow audiences.

Brand Safety Tools and Personalization

Many businesses make brand safety and protection a priority when exploring online advertising options. Native advertising companies such as RevContent guarantee that your brand and users are always protected. RevContent offers proprietary tools for publishers to granularly control exactly what content appears on their sites. Their publishers have complete control over content restrictions, domain blacklisting, and optimizing their widgets to show content that aligns with their overall brand and identity. This amount of personalization is key to driving audience growth and revenue. In addition, misleading or explicit content are completed banned. Publishers never have to worry about content appearing on their sites that will alienate their audiences.

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