How RevContent Means Complete Brand Protection

Brand safety and protection is a top priority when exploring native advertising and content recommendation, and we have always been proactive in ensuring consumers are protected with industry-leading technology that drives a powerful user experience. 

We believe in building relationships built on trust and powering personal web experiences. For publishers, this means industry leading performance and control, bringing you exponentially more revenue while making sure your brand is always protected.

One of our core values at RevContent is to drive the best possible user experience, and with that comes the responsibility of transparency and trust. Here are some of the initiatives that RevContent has implemented to ensure your brand and users are completely protected:


Coalition for Better Ads:

RevContent recently joined the board of Coalition for Better Ads, becoming the first native advertising network to join the board. The Coalition for Better Ads leverages consumer insights and cross-industry expertise to implement new global standards for online ads in order to improve consumers’ overall experience.


We are currently in the process of becoming registered with TAG (Trustworthy Accountability Group), a program to fight fraud and other criminal activity. The TAG registry enables partners to ensure they are only doing business with responsible parties and avoiding association with criminal activity within the advertising ecosystem.


Complete Control and Transparency:

Transparency is critical for maximizing results. From our fully self-serve platform to our targeting capabilities, our partners have complete control over their brand. Our partners also have access to transparent data reporting, complete transparency and control over their content filters, and transparency of where campaigns are being targeted.

As a company, one of our first goals was to build proprietary tools for publishers to granularly control exactly what content appears on their site to their users.

Our publishers have complete control over content restrictions, domain blacklisting, and optimizing their widgets to show content that aligns with their overall brand and identity. Our advertisers have complete control over their targeting options, including the ability to whitelist and blacklist, so their content is appearing exactly where they want it to.


Protected Media:

Last year, RevContent partnered with Protected Media, a global provider of digital advertising solutions that improve media quality. RevContent has implemented Protected Media’s anti-fraud solution to detect and block bots to protect our partners. Protected Media prevents the inclusion of ads that aren’t viewable, including fake clicks and views.


Truth in Media Initiative:

In 2017, we launched the Truth in Media Initiative, a user-driven feedback mechanism that allows users to report misinformation and combat fake news. With consumers protection as the #1 goal, we wanted to ensure that users had a voice in what content appeared as they browsed the web.



RevContent now supports ads.txt for publishers, an initiative founded by the IAB Technology Laboratory to increase transparency in the programmatic landscape. This ensures that publishers’ inventory is only sold through authorized partners to prevent counterfeiting in addition to providing advertisers with more control over their purchased inventory.


National Center on Sexual Exploitation Partnership:

RevContent is the first content recommendation network to ban all sexually explicit content and to receive an endorsement from the National Center on Sexual Exploitation. This prevents advertisers from using sexual imagery, headlines and landing pages for clicks in order to protect both our partners and consumers. As an industry, these changes are necessary in order to take our commitment to the user experience and quality to the next level. Our hope is that the advertising industry as a whole commits to making these changes as well.



We will always strive to provide the utmost brand safety and transparency to our partners and will continue to provide updates on our efforts to continually improve the experience of our partners and users. For more information on how RevContent protects your brand, contact your account representative or 


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