RevContent Launches RevContent v2, A Highly Intuitive User Interface

After many late nights calls and early morning meetings, we are thrilled to announce the launch of RevContent v2, the next generation of native advertising platforms. RevContent v2 is the product of years of customer and industry feedback, and it is the first platform of its kind. RevContent v2 is built to maximize engagement and generate revenue with a new, highly intuitive user interface that puts our partners in complete control.

We saw the need for a more customizable and responsive experience where partners could truly control what content appeared on their site. No widget or site is created equal, and users deserve more than a cookie cutter experience. RevContent v2 will help us continue to serve our partners and lead the way in reimagining native advertising.

RevContent v2 allows advertisers 100% bidding and targeting transparency. RevContent’s social driven performance algorithms completely do the legwork for creative split testing. Additionally, with campaign testing and top content boosts, v2 is optimized for maximum CTR and engagement.

v2 offers real-time reporting and content backlisting. With social driven internal recirculation, the most trending content recirculates automatically to maximize user engagement. Widgets are also fully customizable; if publishers can dream it, they can build it. RevContent v2 ultimately gives sites the ability to grow their business themselves.

John Lemp, RevContent CEO and Founder, said, “RevContent v2 has been in the making for years, and v2 empowers our partners to take control and scale their business to new heights.”

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Powering 250 billion content recommendations per month, RevContent is the fastest growing network and reaches 97% of US households, according to Quantcast. To learn more about RevContent v2,  sign up or visit our website.

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