What is Native Advertising?

Are you entirely new to learning about native advertising? Or you’ve heard about it in passing and want a deeper understanding of everything it entails?

We’ve compiled a few of the key elements involved in native advertising below to help you gain more knowledge about what it is, how it relates to content recommendations, and how you can benefit from utilizing native ads right now.

The Basics of Native Advertising

In the simplest terms, native advertising is a form of paid media where the advertisement fits naturally into the form and function of its environment. One of the best examples of this is a sponsored article that blends in with the rest of the editorial content on a website.

If you’ve ever read articles on websites like Forbes, The Atlantic or Newsweek chances are you’ve seen it in action. At the bottom of many of these editorials is typically a collection of other pieces of content, or “content recommendations.”

Content recommendation, sometimes called content discovery, is one of the most popular forms of native advertising, delivered via a widget. This technology works so well, primarily because it tailors content to specific types of audiences with information that would be of most interest to them. For instance, those who read articles about new technology trends may be recommended to read another article about SpaceX.

Why Native Advertising Has Gained in Popularity

These days, advertising in general is about more than reaching a wide audience — it’s about reaching the right audience and in a way that isn’t intrusive. Consumers of all kinds are tired of being bombarded with advertisements that pop-up to cover the computer screen or sticky ads that won’t go away.

This kind of advertising is business-centric, and flawed. By utilizing native advertising, marketers are having far more success because it practices a consumer-first mindset, constantly improving the experience for users.

Trust RevContent with Your Native Advertising Strategy

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It’s no surprise that we’re the number one fastest growing native network in the world. Learn more about who we help and how you may be able to benefit from native advertising today.

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